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As Netflix put it, "One part America's Next Top Model and two parts fabulous!" RuPaul searches for America's next drag superstar. Think amazing makeup, flamboyant outfits, a sprinkle of bitchiness and a lot of creativity. Really fun to watch!

A body is found at the halfway point on the bridge that joins Sweden and Denmark and their police forces have to join forces to solve the murder. Subtitled in both languages, a very interesting storyline with great character development.

Full of special effects, gripping story lines and amazing acting. A little on the gory side at times, but an original series that leaves you on the edge of your seat. The series are set in a haunted house, a 1960s insane asylum and a witches coven.

Alicia is the wife of the former state's attorney, but after a humiliating scandal he is behind bars, while she is left to pick up the pieces. She returns to work at a high end law firm, whilst shading her kids from the drama and trying to keep her dignity.

A mobster from New York testifies against his associates and goes into witness protection in Norway. When he arrives its not quite as he expects, so he brings a bit of New York to the sleepy town of Lillehammer with hilarious results. Part subtitled, one of the best shows I've watched in ages.

What shows have you been watching recently?
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