Pieces chosen for Corran // Bea

Items chosen for Corran

I accepted Corran's challenge and chose some items to make an outfit I thought Corran would look good in! I opted for things I thought Corran would like and also what I thought would suit her in that would be good for winter, as I am planning on doing a separate summer outfit.
I hope you like it Corran! B. xoxo

I love this look, it's like grunge crosses girly! The ombré tights are gorgeous, I might have to purchase some, I think they add something different to an everyday outfit.
I absolutely love all the accessories especially the sunglasses and watch, I'm a big fan of the floral crown and I have one at home but I've never worn it out of the house because I always feel it's slightly too much. I see other people wearing them and think they look amazing, but on me I feel slightly over done. Hopefully this summer It will make it's first debut!

Overall I think Bea has captured my style very well! Perhaps you guys could test your friends on how well they know your style and vice versa, have fun.

Corran xx

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