Mothers Day // Last minute, affordable and easy ideas

When I say last minute I mean that moment you have only just realised it is Mothers Day tomorrow and you don't have time to pop to the shops.

1. Card

My favourite cards from the Greetings Island

Forgotten to buy a card? No worries I found a great website that you can select and print your own for free. Some are even customisable!
The website is called Greetings Island and you can visit the Mothers Day card section here.

2. Make her breakfast in bed with a flower.
An example of a breakfast for inspiration

Toast, cereal, a fry-up if you're feeling adventurous, fresh fruit and yogurt. Make your mum something she will love. Pop it on a tray add a cup of tea, coffee or fresh juice. Don't forget the cutlery! Lastly it would be super nice if you could put a little flower you picked from the garden. If you don't have access to any flowers though why not try making a paper flower like the one below. Instructions here.
The paper flowers you could make using the link

3. Take your mum out for the day.
Why not take your mum to the park?

This doesn't have to be anywhere pricey, take her to the park for a nice walk, accompany her shopping whilst you wait patiently and offer lovely compliments, go to a cafe for a cup of tea.
If you want to make it extra special, add a little invitation on her breakfast tray.

4. Cook your mum something nice.

Make your mum a nice lunch or dinner, cook a roast, a curry, or even make her favourite salad. Make your mum feel special.

5. Let your mum put her feet up. 
Do the chores for the day to show you care

Don't allow her to do the washing up after you cooked the roast, let her relax while you take care of the chores. These things don't cost anything to do, but will mean the most.

6. Gift
If you make cakes or cookies you can buy icing kits and decorations in the supermarket

Mothers Day is not about buying expensive gifts. It really is the thought that counts and speaking from experience mums really do love handmade gifts. It shows you have put a lot of thought, time and effort into your gift which really means more than going out and buying the first thing you see.
If you are not crafty, why not bake her a cake or some biscuits.
If you are crafty check out this great list of ideas on the Martha Stewart website here.

I hope you found my ideas helpful and have a great day with your mum.
B. xoxo

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