LinkedIn explained // What is it?

So until recently I had heard about LinkedIn and had a brief understanding of it, but I didn't realise the potential of it and hadn't actually signed up.
Now I have and know more about it, I think it's only fair that I spread the word about this fantastic website.

The easiest way to sum is up is like Facebook for grown-ups. There are no silly statuses or photos it is primarily work based and you can use it to make connections and networks with people. The way you use it is up to you really, but the best things you can do with it are promote your business; keep in touch with business associates; make new acquaintances or follow industry leaders.

What does this have to do with fashion and design? You can find people that interest you and look at their profile for a start, like the Director of a company. Found your perfect job? Find somebody that already does it and see what past work they have done or what skills they have listed.

The possibilities are endless really as far as your career goes, so get signed up today and increase your chances of getting your dream job!
Sign up here.

What is your dream job?
B. xoxo

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