How I saved my damaged hair // Kérastase Resistance and Primark Moroccan oil product review

If you have known me for a while you will understand why I had damaged hair. If you are new to the blog you may not know I used to dye my hair a lot with bleach to get my hair bright candy colours like pink, blue or purple. Hair does not like being bleached and mine was particularly bad it was very weak and dry, snapping off and it was very delicate. I got a new hairdresser and followed her advice carefully.
She advised me not to use any heat so I let my hair dry naturally then when I put it up for work, I gently pinned it up with bobby pins. I brushed it minimally and very carefully and I used a lot of masks and oils.
I also switched to the best hair products I have ever used. They don't come cheap, but I didn't want to be let with a pixie cut so I was willing to try anything.

I had only heard of Kérastase, never tried it, but I knew it was the Gucci of hair products I just never understood why. My hairdresser explained that the quality of ingredients is really exquisite and that it would really make a difference by actually mending my hair, adding lost proteins back into it.
I was skeptical, so I read all the information on the website and a lot of reviews. My hair was snapping off about 3 inches down I was willing to take the risk and splash out the £15 per bottle.

Corran also recommended the Moroccan oil from Primark, apparently it is almost identical to the original and much pricier version so I purchased some of that too at a mere £2.50 a bottle.

L-R Primark Moroccan oil //
 Kérastase resistance anti usure conditioner // 
Kérastase resistance bain de force shampoo

As my hair was so dry and my hairdresser only recommended I wash my hair when it needed it I was only washing it once a week. So this shampoo and conditioner lasted me 6 months. I was also advised to add colour to my hair to help strengthen it so I went a darker shade of blonde. I used the oil on my hair wet to add moisture then when dry to smooth it down. I had regular trims to get rid of the dead ends every 6-8 weeks. 

After doing continuing with this for 6 months my hair was so much better! It has been growing really well and it now doesn't break off at the top and it is shiny so it is well on its way back to health.
I have learnt my lesson and I am aiming to stop dyeing my hair when all of the colour has grown out. I do really love this ombré though :)

I was only recommended to use these products until they ran out, then switch to something else as you can apparently add too much protein to your hair then it starts to have almost the opposite effect. I have since switched to Paul Mitchell products and my hair is feeling quite dry again. So after I have used these I will be switching back to Kérastase you just can't beat the quality.
When you use them they are light green and smell amazing.

The Moroccan oil smells like orange one of my favourite smells and it leaves you hair feeling like silk, but I don't think it has helped repair my hair it just makes it look smoother and adds moisture to remove frizz.

For the Kérastase I would give them 10/10
For the Moroccan oil I would give 6/10

What are your favourite hair repair products?
B. xoxo

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