Holiday wear // Corran

Holiday wear

James and I booked an amazing, spontaneous holiday at the weekend, and of course the first thing I think about is new holiday clothes. We didn't get chance to go abroad last year so my wardrobe is lacking beautiful summery pieces. Although I've mainly stuck to my typical gothic ways, I've thrown in some colourful accessories to brighten things up.

I think the little Michael Kors crossbody bag is perfect for holidays, its just big enough to fit the essentials in like your phone and money but not to bulky to weigh you down. You don't want to be uncomfortable lugging a big handbag round in the heat so keep it nice and light.

Another favourite of mine is the head piece, I absolutely love these, they make any outfit look amazing but I would suggest only wearing these in the evening, otherwise you could end up with some funky tan lines!

Hopefully you guys have some exciting summer holidays planned for this year too.

Corran xx

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