George nail polish // Gel pro review

I keep seeing a lot of 'gel' style regular nail polishes. They are basically regular polishes in a high gloss finish. They are often a lot pricier than regular polishes and using a good top coat can give you that finish anyway so I have never bothered. When in Asda recently though I noticed they have a small range of colours in their new 'Gel Pro' range and I instantly fell in love with the colour 'Deep purple' and decided to try it for £3.

George Gel Pro in Deep Purple with accent finger in holographic silver from Gina Tricot

 I still have acrylic nails on at the moment so I cannot comment on chip resistance (excuse how short they are I have to do a lot of work on the computer and they were getting in my way). I did find it a really nice opaque colour I only had to use 2 coats and it has perfect coverage. I'm already a fan of how opaque Asda's polishes are although they tend to be on the matte side and this was definitely more glossy. I have used a top coat here as I always do. I love the colour it is so dark it's almost black, but that's exactly what I was after. It looks the exact same colour in the bottle as it does on my nails. I am very happy with this new polish and would really recommend it. 
I would give it 7/10
B. xoxo


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    1. Thank you for the comment, I am glad you found the post helpful and intriguing! :)
      B. xoxo


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