Coconut oil- the miracle oil // Using it as a hair mask

I have only recently gotten around to purchasing a jar of coconut oil, but I have known for a long time the long list of benefits it offers. As far as cooking goes, you can't get much better. As far as your skin goes, it is a brilliant moisturiser. I am going to talk about using it on your hair though today.

There are things to consider when purchasing coconut oil. Ideally you want organic, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil. Wow that sounds complicated! I found a really great article explaining about it here, read the top part about how to choose the best one, it really helped me. If you are still confused, when you buy it, smell it! If it smells like yummy coconuts that is good, if it has no smell that is bad. 

You may notice quite a difference in price, but the one I purchased (this one) was £6 and I was using it as a hair mask. How much would you pay for a high end hair mask? Probably more than this, so it is actually really good when you look at it that way.

The coconut oil I purchased from Tesco

What persuaded me to finally buy some, is my sister-in-law who kept telling me to get some as it has saved her hair from bleach damage and when I saw the results, her hair never looked so soft, I'm not kidding.

So how do you get this hard lump of oil on your hair?! Well it melts at a mere 18 degrees, so if you get a little in your hands it will melt quite quickly and then you can massage it in. I found it easiest to do in the bath, but if you can, get someone to help you. 
  • Apply it on dry hair, right before you are due to wash it. Massage it all over if you want all your hair silky soft or if you get greasy roots just apply it on the mid lengths to ends. It is also great for dandruff, so if you want to get rid of that apply directly onto your scalp too.
  • Next wrap your head in cling film to stop it going rubbing off on anything. You can then put a shower cap over it or wrap a towel around your head. The warmer your head is the better.
  • How long you leave it is up to you. I left mine for about 6 hours because I didn't have time to wash it off the next morning, but ideally it would be good to leave it overnight. 
  • You can apply heat if you want, although I didn't and it still worked fine.
  • When you are ready to wash it off, use nice warm water, shampoo twice and make sure it is all thoroughly out or your hair will be greasy. Add conditioner as usual, then style.

It is even good to use as a serum to smooth your hair down after washing, just use a pea sized amount though.

That's it! Repeat once a week or once a fortnight if you hair is really dry or just every now and then if you want an extra boost on normal hair.

Let me know if you try it or if you have any other great experiences with coconut oil!
B. xoxo

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