Valentines // Part one // Gifts and free date ideas

As it's Valentines day tomorrow, today's theme is Valentines and Corran gave me a great idea. I found some lovely things to share, so this is going to be a 2-part post, with today covering gifts and date ideas and tomorrow I will look at outfits, hair, make-up and nail inspiration!

This is what I would really likes for Valentines, no flowers or wine for me thanks!
(I'll take chocolates any day though!)
Be mine

1 // What better excuse to make your lips extra kissable?!
2 // I actually got one for Christmas, but it would make the perfect Valentines gift!
3 // I'd rather drink JD than wine at dinner!
4 // A nice bath is always a good romantic idea :)
5 // A domino's pizza is my dream Valentines dinner!
6 // Jewellery is always a hit for Valentines so I'm including a two pieces ;)
7 // I'd love one of these gold midi rings
8 // Plants last longer than flowers and my favourites right now are cactuses!
9 // These new Lindt Lindor strawberry and cream chocolates sound amazing!

If I got just one of these items for Valentines day though you can be mine! <3

If you're single why not treat yourself or your BFF :)

Some of us are lucky enough to go out on Valentines night, but for the rest of us I'm always wondering what can we do that doesn't cost much and what can we do that involves staying in, but is still fun?!

So here are five ideas for free, at-home dates that anyone can do.

1 // Have a cook off! Set a budget for food maybe £6/$10 total and one of you can cook dinner whilst the other whips up dessert, why not make something you've never had before. Try to be adventurous and if you are stuck for ideas check out Pinterest. When you're done light some candles, sit at the table, use napkins, add a bottle of wine and most of all leave your phones behind!

2 // Movie night at home. Make like the cinema and get your usual snacks, popcorn, nachos etc or even better order a takeaway, watch a favourite movie at home and if its one you've already seen it won't matter if you miss bits when you're making out! ;) Alternatively rent a movie you haven't seen yet from Sky, Lovefilm or Netflix.

3 // Make a home hotel. Give each other massages with some massage oil, have a bubble bath together, get messy, get romantic, and have fun! Don't forget the candles and rose petals to make it extra special. Follow it by making the bedroom look hotel-like, with clean bed sheets and you could wear your bath robes to lounge around while you feed each other chocolate-dipped strawberries you could even add a do not disturb sign to your door.

4 // Dance! Put on some nice slow music, dim the lights, put on a nice dress and have a nice evening dancing in your living room. Sounds cheesy, but its also a lot of fun! Alternatively if you have a Wii or Playstation Move get dancing on a dance game and have a dance off!

5 // Play a game. Whether you decide to play a board game, quiz, drinking game or strip poker, get competitive! Make a prize for the winner and forfeit for the loser and get competitive! The winner could win a massage or a slow dance and the loser could... well use your imagination!

If you are still looking for inspiration head over to Dating Divas who have a plethora of free date night ideas and lots of beautiful free printables. Whatever you do for your big date though make sure you enjoy yourselves :)

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to check out my tips for looking good whether you are going out with your love or the girls or having a cosy night in! B. xoxo

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