Product review // Rosetta stone (Swedish)

As you may or may not know, Chris, Poppy and I are planning to move to Sweden if all goes to plan and part of that means learning the language. When I started I was a total beginner I pretty much knew 'hello' 'thanks' and that was about it. I haven't used any other software for the computer, just iPhone apps and podcasts. Rosetta Stone is by far my favourite way to learn though.

The reason I like it is that I can easily dip in and out as it saves my place, which is really handy as sometimes I have to stop part way through. I can study for as long or little as I like depending on how much time I have. It is designed in lessons and to do them I have to sit in a quiet place on my computer, so it feels like I'm in my own little classroom, which really helps me to stay focused. Another notable thing about Rosetta Stone is the learning style it presents, which is photos and text in the language you are learning. There are no 'translations', but I actually prefer it this way as, like most people I learn better visually.

When you open the program you select your user profile, and then which difficulty level you want from one to three.

The home screen.

Once you pick a level, it takes you to the home screen on the part you are up to, although it will let you select any lesson you want, you can repeat old ones or jump ahead. In each level there are four units, progressing in difficulty. Each unit is then broken down into four sections based around reading, writing, speaking and listening. Once you have completed each lesson with enough correct answers you move onto the next one. Completed lessons have a green tick. This is my current home screen above. The units for level one are as follows; Unit 1- Language basics; Unit 2- Greetings and introductions; Unit 3- Work and school; Unit 4- Shopping. As you can see the lessons are offered in a logical order and cover everyday and very useful words and phrases, eventually moving onto more complex language in levels two and three.

An example of one of the lessons.

Most of the lessons are multiple-choice questions and if you pay attention it is easy to get the correct answer. I usually only get them wrong if I am tired and not concentrating properly!

Another multiple-choice lesson screen.

The majority of multiple-choice questions follow these two forms, but there are other style questions as well.

The end of the lesson with my results.

When you are done, you are told how many questions you got correct. If you get too many incorrect answers, you are asked if you want to do that lesson again. If you get enough answers correct, you can move onto the next lesson.

As you can see the program is nicely laid out, simple to follow and easy to use. I haven't tried any other languages, but I imagine they are all formatted in the same way.

I highly recommend Rosetta Stone as a language learning tool and would give it 8/10

Have you ever tried learning another language? B. xoxo

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