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I had heard of Lookbok.nu and been on it a few times, but I never really got into it. Like Tumblr and Instagram you have to be following enough people to make your 'feed' interesting so you don't have to endlessly search for photos. Today I decided to download the app as I wanted some outfit inspiration and I'm already addicted! The app is a condensed version of the desktop site. You can only post once every six hours so I only have two 'looks' so far, but I'm really enjoying it. My photos are not particularly great, but I actually think it will help push me to take and edit better photos as I now have a lot to inspire me. I photographed todays outfit with several shots and edited them in Photoshop, here are all the shots.

If you want to follow me on Lookbook.nu you can find me here.

Are you on there? If so comment with a link! B. xoxo

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