Ootd // An affordable yet stylish outfit for under £10

Today's post is all about purse-friendly fashion, which in todays economy is really important to most people. I want to show you that you don't have to spend a lot to look good.

Top £3.50 // Skirt £3 // Knee high socks £2.50 for pack of 2

My whole outfit is actually from Primark, although I didn't plan to wear a whole Primark outfit, when I realised I was I thought it would make a great budget fashion post. Buying clothing of good quality is important to me no matter where I shop, so I am careful to give things a good once over before I make a purchase. This skirt for example is nice and thick, much better than one I purchased from Asda a while ago for double the price.

As you can see the whole outfit cost just £9 and it is all current if you are interested in buying any of it.

As I am a slight pear shape too I went for a dark coloured skirt to make my hips look narrower and a horizontal striped top to make my top half look wider, to balance me out and it really has worked I look more like an hour glass now than a pear. 

I also added some gold jewellery I bought in the sales, as I just love gold accessories at the moment!

What have been your best budget fashion pieces? B. xoxo

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