Nails // Two two nail art

This photo is actually from a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't had a chance to share it until now!

Simple geometric nail art

It was really easy to do these nails. The main thing is picking two really great contrasting colours, I didn't use any fancy equipment just the polish and a steady hand.

1 // File nails! This is a really important step as getting your nails tidy and even really makes the final result look much better.
2 // Paint on a base coat. This helps to prime your nails and helps the polish to stick better and chip less, so don't skip this step.
3 // Paint on base colour. I had to do 3 coats as I wanted it nice and opaque, but it really depends on the polish. Wait until they are completely dry before step 4.
4 // Using the regular brush and a steady hand paint the second colour on, making triangles. I wanted them all different sizes, but kept the left and right hand matching.
5 // Paint on the top coat. Again this is really important, it helps seal in the colour preventing chips and gives a nice glossy finish. Et voila! 

Polishes used- 
Essie // First base- base coat
Barry M // Mint Green
Barry M // Copper
OPI // RapiDry topcoat

What nail polish are you loving right now? B. xoxo

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