February lust list- Interior edition // Bathroom

February lust list- Interior edition // Bathroom
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Hope you are having a great week so far! I am still really enjoying putting these home style sets together. Today I found it a little harder finding pieces for a bathroom. I don't think it's a room we all dream about really so I hadn't put much thought into what I would want before.

One thing I have decided I would love though is floor and wall tiles. I think these subway wall tiles and penny floor tiles both in white are a match made in heaven! They are so simple, yet provide a lovely texture and the rectangles and hexagons go lovely together.

I love the style of Aesop products in their vintage style brown bottles.

The towel I was so excited about as it is from H&M so its really affordable.

Searching for bathroom products I really fell in love with wire storage which I think would look great with some white fluffy towels in. Perhaps if you can't afford these gorgeous ones form Loaf, you could attempt some DIY ones!

Have you ever thought about your dream bathroom? B. xoxo

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