February lust list- Interior edition // Kitchen

February lust list- Interior edition // Kitchen
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Today I have focused on the kitchen and my favourite items I have found that would look really good together.

The copper Kitchenaid mixer was love at first sight, but I will have to keep dreaming of owning one as it has a pretty hefty price tag. I think my second choice would be white to keep it simple.

Another notable item I have included are the maple kitchen knives. They are the most beautiful kitchen knives I have ever seen! They are not even available yet so keep checking the website if you are interested in them.

The paper bag or 'Le sac en papier' as it is actually called, is a versatile and beautifully designed paper bag. Personally I thought it would be a great place to store your recycling as it is nice and spacious and looks much nicer than most recycling storage, although you could store anything in it really!

What dream items would you love to have in your kitchen? B. xoxo

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