February lust list- Interior edition // Office

January lust list- Interior edition // Office

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Welcome to the first part in my new series, where each day this week I will be looking at some lovely products for different rooms in the home.  Some are affordable, some are dream items, but the point to this is more about the style. These are items I feel really work well together and the style flows between the rooms, meaning you could change where you put any of the items and they would still look great.
Today I have focused on items that would be perfect in a home office.

The desk is large with practical storage shelves underneath, just right for storing a sewing machine when not in use.
The chair is a great licensed reproduction of the Eames classic, at a really affordable price and there are so many styles on the website.
I think my favourite is the vase which is a steal at £1! I thought it would look so cute to store knitting needles :)
The adorable notebooks are so on-trend, although there is no web shop, so I have included the link to see where your nearest store is.

What would be your ideal items for a home office?
B. xoxo

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