Book review // Dead Until Dark // Charlaine Harris

I used to read, A LOT. That was before I did a degree, got married, had a child and basically stopped having any time to myself. I recently (accidentally) joined the local book club, when I went to inquire about volunteering at the library and it just sort of happened, but I'm so glad it did!

At my first meeting I asked another girl if she could recommend a book to me and she suggested the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, which have now been turned into the popular TV show True Blood. I was so excited I didn't even know the TV show was based on a book. It's something I've wanted to watch for a while and I prefer to read the books first, so this explains my excitement!

The cover for the first book in the series, Dead Until Dark.

I had high hopes for this as the TV show is HUGE and I thought it was going to be really action-packed and fast-paced. Unlike most vampire stories where the vampires have to remain secretive and the majority of 'normal' people don't know they exist, in these books the vampires openly live amongst the humans, mostly surviving on 'synthetic blood'. Dead Until Dark wasn't what I was expecting, but I found it to be quite refreshing.

The books are written from the first person perspective of Sookie Stachouse, the main character. The book was easy to follow and nicely written. Sookie is thoughtful and self-conscious and a very interesting character making for a good read.

I did find the story a little slow and it wasn't quite as action-packed as I thought, but it was different in its own way and I really did enjoy it. I have already picked up the second instalment from the library and can't wait to get stuck in. There are thirteen novels in the series in total and I'm hoping to read them all before I watch the series. 

Have you read any of the Sookie Stackhouse novels? B. xoxo

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