No money? Make one!

So there's several items on my wish list at the moment (maybe I'll share that with you soon).
Anyway one of those being a midi dress. Plain black and plain grey. Like a long fitted tshirt basically. Who knows why they sure aren't flattering but I just happen to have decided I need one.
I do have cash but I'm saving it for bigger and better things. So I figured it would try making one as I had a load of stretchy black fabric lying around.
Here's an action shot I love my bright pins!

Here's me sewing. I seem to like wearing black at the moment! I have to sew in the bedroom as Chris has taken over the spare room doing 'man stuff' aka building rc models.

Here it is laid flat after I cut it out. I pinned on a sleeve to show how it will look. I'm really pleased with the pattern I made but the seams are not going well. Stretchy fabric is extremely difficult to use. Hopefully it will look fine once I wear it though.
I will update again once it is finished :) 
B. xoxo


  1. Love your little set up in your bedroom! How did the dress turn out?

    1. Sorry I usually blog from my phone and you can't reply to comment from the app! I finished it recently and made a faux fur collar. I had to finish the edges with lace as the edges wouldn't sit totally flat but it looks so pretty with the lace :) x


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