Product review: Nescafe Azera

So as you may know I review products from time to time, one of the companies I review for being BzzAgent. I have had quite a few products to trial recently so expect more reviews to come. Although as I don't have so much time now I have a job as well they won't be quite so in depth, but I will still cover the main and most important points.

The product I am going to share with you today is Nescafe Azera, a barista style instant coffee. Now I haven't been a coffee drinker for too long, but I will only drink high quality coffee of exceptional taste. My taste buds will settle for no less than arabica and I also enjoy my coffee very creamy, usually making it with only milk and no water. So I guess you could say I prefer lattes and cappuccinos. I actually already drink Nescafe, my preferred choices being Cap Columbie and several from their Cafe range including caramel latte, vanilla latte, cappuccino and mocha.

So when I got invited to try the new range of Azera coffees I was understandably excited. I received samples of the regular Azera and Azera cappuccino. They came in sachets although the original Azera also comes in a tin. I didn't think much to the silver, brown and orange colour scheme and boring text. It said more 70s throwback to me than sophisticated barista coffee. That didn't put me off though, I open the box of Azera sachet sticks, which has a nice opening and shape to it having a large flap on the front. The inside of the box is in a coordinated orange which is a good attention to detail. Inside are 5 sticks made from quite a nice looking plastic rather than paper, though not so good for the environment, paper would have made me happier!

I made the coffee as recommended with roughly 200ml water then I added my usual milk and sugar. The main thing I noticed is that its not as strong as a barista coffee, which I normally find so strong I have to put about 70 sugars in (just kidding about 4). So even though it is not true to the description it is more to my liking. In my reviewing of the coffee though, I don't feel my preference is totally relevant, what is more important is that the product is of high quality and it lives up to all of its claims.

So yes it is high quality, but is it barista style? Well it has a good frothiness when you add the boiling water, it has a good smell and taste and I do think it is better than any other instant I have tried. So perhaps a weak barista coffee. Although if you bought the tin you would not have that problem, but they don't all come in a tin.

So all in all I would give it 4/5 for being the best instant I have had, just not quite barista style.

I would also like to share with you my diy I made. I make coffee at work so I applied some of the techniques to make a better coffee at home. Technically this is a latte, if you want a cappuccino you need to make the milk more frothy and pour in mostly froth and only a small amount of milk.

1. Use Nescafé Azera coffee. Put one sachet in your mug. 2. Add boiling water to make a paste, mix. 3. Put milk in a mug and microwave till boiling. Using drink whisk, whisk till frothy. 4. Pour into mug, use a knife to get milk only and save the foam from going in. 5. Add foam, scoop out with knife. 6. Sprinkle on chocolate powder. 7. Add milk and sugar if desired. 8. Enjoy! 9. (Optional) eat with biscuit!

A close up of the finished result!

Yummy! :-)

B. xoxo


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    1. Thank-you :) Yes of course I will have a look now x


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