Product review- Scholl express pedi

Here's another item I have recently tried as part of being a BzzAgent, the Scholl Express Pedi.

The idea behind this is to get soft feet at home like if you had a professional pedicure. I have only had a pedicure at a salon once (,why only once? It was amazing...), but at least I have something to compare to. I have also previously tried foot files and pumice stones.
The biggest problem I think these days is that people have such busy lives we all expect products with instant results, myself included. I don't have time to file my feet for 20 minutes at a time with little to no results. I have a child, I barely have time to wash in the shower let alone pamper myself when I get out!

When I got an invite to try this I was understandably excited. Once again I hadn't actually seen it before so my first thought was, what a great idea! I couldn't wait to give it a go.
The following morning I had my shower as usual, dried my feet thoroughly and got it out of its packaging. It comes with full instructions, batteries so it is ready to go and a little cover to go over the roller bit. 

I put the batteries in and turned it on, I was surprised at how powerful it seemed yet it was so gentle against my skin. It has a roller with what's basically sandpaper that rotates so instead of scrubbing back and forth like a pumice or file you just hold it against your foot and it does all the work! 
The other great point is that it seems to do a lot in a little time. You only hold it on your skin for 2-3 seconds at a time then use again etc. Though after going over all my dry bits there was a huge improvement after about only a few minutes of use.

This is certainly something I am converted to and will be using a lot even after I have reviewed it. I love  to have great looking feet especially in the summer when I'm wearing sandals or flip flops all the time. The only down side is you can't get it wet and it would have been handy if you could rinse it, instead you just have to wipe it with a dry cloth. I also thought it would have been good if you could re-charge it, but the amount you use it for the batteries should last for ages.
As for the price, it may seem like a lot at the RRP of £39.99, but if you compare it to regular salon pedicures it really is worth the money. Plus there's no reason you couldn't take it on holiday for touch ups!

B. xoxo

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  1. I've got the orginal and as much as I love it, just like you I find it a bit of a messy process! This one sounds fab and so does the lotion, I have terribly dry feet so I will definitely be investing!



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