A change of events

I have a bit of sad news, I am no longer going to be continuing this blog as it is. At the moment, I try and cover fashion, beauty, tutorials, reviews, recommendations, DIYs etc. Though as I now have a job I just don't have the time to keep my blog up to date as well as being a full time stay-at-home parent, running a business and a blog, doing all the housework and I am still in the process of learning Swedish!
So I have had to prioritise and I am taking a break from the business and the blog at least until I have more time.

The blog will still be running, but it will only be for product reviews. I am a reviewer for Bzz Agent and I enjoy sharing the products I get to try and other things I think are worth shouting out about. They are very often beauty products as well as every day products that have just been released. So if you are interested in this then stick around!

Due to closing my business down, I am actually selling off all my stock at reduced prices.
You can view everything that is for sale on the wolfs heart Instagram page here or on the Wolfs Heart Facebook page here.

Hope to be back again soon blogging about everything else again, but for now times are changing!

See you soon with more product reviews!
B. xoxo

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