Silver screen Saturday

Films I have watched recently

Bad Boys
Starring Will Smith, I was expecting a guaranteed action film from the beginning and I was not let down. Smith and Martin Lawrence star as two cops protecting a murder witness, with plenty of comedy, a simple plot that is interesting until the end and good acting on their parts, its a good film for a Sunday afternoon. My rating 3.5/5

The Hunger Games
When I watched this I hadn't heard much about it or read the books, I just heard that it was popular and that's usually enough to draw me in. It is basically a modern/ American version of Battle Royale, which is one of my favourite films. A bit morbid, but very gripping and some unexpected twists not surprisingly I loved it. If you haven't seen Battle Royale it's basically some teenagers who have to battle it out in a match of survival of the fittest. Or maybe that should be survival of the one with the strongest stomach/biggest vendetta. Looking forward the the rest of the films. Would give this 5/5, brilliant film.

The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn part 2.
I had been waiting so long to watch this film, as I had waited to see it at the cinema with a friend and we never ended up going. So when they scheduled it to play at the cinema on the RAF camp where we live I was so excited. They play films as soon as they are released on DVD and for a £1 donation, a comfy leather sofa and a 5 minute walk from home how could I resist!
To watch this film I would really advise watching the previous films or at least read the book. You could probably understand what has happened, but I think all the films together give a really god background to all the characters and of course you need to decide if you are on team Edward or team Jacob! This is the final film, just after Bella has given birth to a baby girl and it concludes the love story with a very dramatic ending. Definitely one not to miss! 5/5!

Riding in Cars with Boys
I watched this film several years ago and then again recently thanks to Netflix. I always love films set in the 40s, 50s or 60s as these are my favourite eras, so naturally I loved this film. It is about Bev who gets pregnant at 15 and follows her life as she pursues her dreams of becoming a writer. Starring Drew Barrymore who I love, an emotional story and great hair and costumes I would also give this 5/5.

The Babymakers
A bit different to the rest of the films I watched this week, a bit of a cheesy rom-com, I can't get enough of these when I am blogging or doing chores, so I was excited to find a new one on Netflix. A fairly odd story about a couple who cannot get pregnant, so Tommy decides to steal back a donation he made to a sperm back years before in the hopes of a last chance for a baby of his own. Light hearted and comical I would give this 3/5.

What have you watched this week?
B. xoxo

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