Silver screen Saturday

Weekly review of films I have recently watched.

I have watched many Bond films and they are all very different and quite similar at the same time. I don't have a favourite Bond like some people do, but I have certainly enjoyed some of the films more than others. Skyfall was definitely one of the more enjoyable probably as it's a bit different to others. Bond is presumed dead for the first part of the film and the rest is spent trying to stop agents being revealed when security is compromised from both inside and out. It has a great soundtrack too and was enjoyable to watch. I would rate it 4/5

The Last Song
I first put this film on as I couldn't sleep and I wasn't really bothered about watching it. I expected it to be pretty awful and cheesy. It was cheesy, but it wasn't at all as bad as I expected. Miley Cyrus plays a young girl who has turned her back on a music career in angst over her father who she has to spend the summer with. It does get better and somewhat emotional at the end, but I would actually rate this 3.5/5

Are We Done Yet
This was another film I put on in the background, I'm pretty addicted to watching films and I put them on while I'm blogging or painting my nails. This was meant to be a comedy where the family buy a new house and it needs doing up and everything goes wrong. It was very predictable and fairly boring even for a family film. I would rate it 1.5/5

Forrest Gump
Up until about 2 years ago I felt like I was one of the only people who had never seen Forrest Gump and I probably was. I was so relieved to finally get my hands on a copy to watch it and I was really excited when it came on Netflix recently so I could watch it again. Hanks plays the main character with a below level IQ level and the film follows his life through joining the army, setting up a business and inspiring everyone he meets and how he always seems to end up with good luck. It is a really heart warming and amazing film, I give it 5/5.

What have you watched recently?
B. xoxo

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