Photographer- Steven Klein

I recently discovered a photographer whose work I find really interesting, called Steven Klein.

His work is mysterious and fun.  I have chosen some of my favourite photos.

Nicki Minaj, I love how she has blue skin!

Linda Evangelista, as a super hero!

Scarlett Johansson portraying 90s style, I really love this.

Unknown model, I love the composition of this photo, the huge dogs and the models hair style really work well together. (Do you like my unicorn sensor?!)

Diary of a Mad Housewife, Vogue. The video that goes with this is crazy but cool.

I like the way Klein photographs celebrities in ways you wouldn't expect to see them, almost in a cartoon like way or very dark. He has also done a lot of work with Lady GaGa which seems quite fitting really as their styles go hand in hand. On Klein's website there are also a lot of videos as he also does video installations, which are as interesting as his photos.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, B. xoxo


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