Lip stain review

I recently purchased a Maybelline 24 hour Colour Lipstick as there were a few discontinued colours on sale at half price. I wasn't looking to buy this in particular I was just after a dark lipstick and happened to find a shade I really liked so I thought I would give it a try. 

I do really like it and as far as lip stains go this one has really good staying power, although it certainly wouldn't last 24 hours. It's main weak point I found was after eating, not that any lip products seem to last after this. This was particularly bad though as instead of just rubbing off it went kind of flaky, ew. That said though I LOVE everything else about it, don't let that put you off. It didn't put me off I purchased another one in bright red! 

When you apply it, it's kind of like paint and you wait for it to dry then add a moisturising balm over the top which then gives it a nice glossy sheen. You could wear it matt, but I found it still a little sticky and it kind of needs the top coat. Once dry you literally can't rub it off, although it looks just like a lipstick not a stain which is a real added bonus. You do have to be careful when applying as once it's on it's on, but it's nothing a little make-up remover can't fix. 

Anyway here are some photos of me wearing it. I wasn't sure if I would like it with my pink hair, but I actually do!

I always have to try 'looks' with my glasses on too haha.

What are you favourite lip products? B. xoxo

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