Celeb hair envy

I get hair envy a lot. Like several times a day. In fact I'm pretty hair obsessed these days. That combined with boredom and its no wonder I change my colour every few weeks! I get hair envy from a lot of people mainly in social media, but also from celebrities, so for now I will share some current favourites.

Kelly Osbourne hasn't always been so stylish, but right now her purple hair is really making me want to go back to purple again! What a lovely shade.

Katy Perry always has amazing hair and whatever she does always seems to suit her too. These are some of my favourite colours I've seen on her. I keep seeing blue hair and wanting to go back to blue as well. What am I like!

Here is one that might surprise you. I have actually been trying to grow my hair for a while now and I've decided when it's longer I will finally go back to a natural colour. Luckily as this will take at least a year this still gives me plenty of time to play around with crazy and bright shades. I'm also really grateful my job don't seem to mind what colour my hair is! Anyway this shade on Scarlett Johansson is so pretty. I'm not sure exactly but I think it's fairly close to my natural colour (I've been dyeing it for over 10 years so I don't really know).

Who do you have hair envy of? B. xoxo

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