A day with me and Poppy

Even though I have a job, it is only in the evening so I am still a stay-at-home parent, as I look after my daughter Poppy every day while my husband is at work. For anyone that has ever wondered about the kind of things we do in the day, I took some photos to document some of the activities we go up to yesterday.

8am after breakfast, Poppy brushed my hair with a spoon... She also played with her toy kitchen, Mr Potato head and her toy phone.

9am we then got dressed and it was time for a spot of painting.

10am after cleaning up, Poppy asked for a transfer tattoo so we did that, she insisted on posing for a photo with her tongue out!

10:30am I blew up Poppy's ball pit and filled it up, she was really excited about that!

11:30 after playing with a ball and her dolly, we watched a bit of Adventure Time on TV which we had recorded for a bit of chill out time.

12pm I decided to teach Poppy how to make lunch, she loved putting her bagel in the toaster and spreading some butter on it. She also eats bits as we are making it!

1pm we played peekaboo and did "row, row, row your boat what felt like 1000 times, then we read 2 books before nap time so Poppy was relaxed before she went to sleep.

3pm Poppy woke from her nap and we did a bit of dancing to music in her room.
After this Poppy's daddy took over to give me a break as he got home from work!

More obviously happened after this, including things like bath time, running around, playing outside but I didn't get to photograph any of it as I was blogging then preparing dinner.
I really enjoyed this blog post and sharing what me and Poppy do, next time I think I will do a photo an hour for a day. Hope you enjoyed it too!
B. xoxo

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