Product review: Vanish Oxi Action

I haven't mentioned it before, but I actually review products for a company called BzzAgent, a word-of-mouth marketing company and the good news is anyone can do it! Go to the website here to sign up or for more information. Basically you fill in surveys to tell them about yourself and they will send you relevant products for free* to review!
Products I have tried in the past include Activia Pouring Yogurt, Vaseline Compressed Deodorant, Dairylea, Tesco Free From Dairy and more. I am currently participating in 3 campaigns including Vanish Oxi Action.

When I accepted my invite to the campaign it was only a few days before I received my Bzz kit in the post. This time it was actual products, consisting of not 1 but 2 sachets of Vanish Oxi Action. The bags are cute, pink and shiny, with the powder and a scoop in each. In the Bzz kit there was also a stain booklet with lots of tips and some money-off coupons to pass around to my friends and family. I was really excited about this campaign as it's a product I have already used and love so it was a great excuse for me to spread the word and of course get some for free!

As anyone knows stain removal products are a must, as we all spill something from time to time and if you have kids or pets they are even more essential! I have been using Vanish products for years, my favourites being Vanish Oxi Action Powder (it also comes as a gel), Vanish Pre-Wash Bar and Vanish Oxi Action Carpet and Upholstery Power Spray. These 3 seem to cover all my needs and all work equally well!

Anyway back to Vanish Oxi Action Powder, it is specifically a fabric stain remover, as once you have pre-treated the stain you need to put it in the washing machine. Each pack has instructions on the back, how to use, what fabrics you can and can't use it on, ingredients etc. Everything you need is right there, which is really useful. I hate it when products make you refer to their website for things like that when it is much easier to just have it to hand. Once you have cut the sachet open, they are resealable with the press-closed type seal, which is really handy as it means it won't spill once you have opened it. The powder is white with fairly large granules and it smells heavenly like all the best washing powders do.

When I use Vanish Oxi Action Powder, I normally perform the pre-wash treatment and then put it in the washing machine and the stains are banished forever. I read in the booklet and on the sachets though that you can soak your clothes to get rid of stains and having not tried that before I first though I would give that a go on some water-colour paint I had spilt on a pillow cover. Yes I know why on earth was I painting in bed?! Well I was comfy thats why ;)

So I followed the instructions; I ran a sink full of water and made sure it was about luke warm, added a scoop of the powder into approx. 4 litres of water and put my pillow cover in. I poked in all in and gave it a stir every now and then. I soaked it for an hour as recommended for colouring fabrics, then took it out and put it in the washing machine. I added another scoop with my regular washing powder and put it on to wash. I was actually really disappointed to find that when I took it out the stain had faded somewhat, but it had not gone! I'm afraid I did not think to take a photo, apart from being fairly annoyed I was probably rushing around trying to work out what to do at the same time as putting another 80 loads of washing on. (Yes that's mum life for you.)

So next I had a cushion cover with the same stain, I decided to use my trusty method of pre-treating and then washing. Once again I followed the instructions accordingly, I added 1/4 of a scoop of Vanish Oxi Action Powder to 3/4 scoop water and rubbed it into the stain with a little warm water. I was happy to see that the stain was already lifting. I was much happier this time and my faith was restored. I then put it in the washing machine with another scoop of the powder and washed it. When I took it out, this time the stain had completely gone! So I had been doing it right all along!

Overall rating: 5/5
Vanish works great at getting stains out! I know some people have had luck using the soaking method (see the Vanish Tip-Exchange on Facebook), but I wouldn't recommend it personally. I would however tell anyone to use the pre-treat and wash method as for me, it works every time!

This is another stain I treated using Vanish. It was tomato sauce (among many other things)! Left is before and right is after :)

*You are usually sent vouchers to get the product for free at Tesco, or sometimes you are sent actual products, depending on what it is. The items are free 99% of the time.

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