Primark style steals

Following on from yesterdays post of finding cheaper alternatives to trends, I am going one step further today and have found some items from Primark, cheaper than other high street items (which ended up being mainly Topshop). As Primark don't have an online shop, I figured it would be a good idea to take some photos. I haven't included prices as some of them have sold out, but I'm sure it's obvious they will be a lot cheaper!

This college top is from Topshop.
This one is from Primark, pretty similar.

This comic top is from Topshop.
This top is from Primark. A little different, but comic themed clothes are so in right now!

This cool crop top is from Topshop.

This top is from Primark. A very good alternative!

These scarves are by Alexander McQueen.

These were in Primark. There were others too. How lovely!

These jeans are so similar to the ones worn by Cara Delevigne in this post. Steal her style!

These socks are from Topshop.
I have actually wanted some of these for ages, but at Topshop prices (£3.50 a pair) I couldn't afford to buy several pairs like I wanted. So I was extremely excited to find this selection in Primark for £1.50 each and of surprisingly good quality. I bought 2 black and 2 white!

Finally, this is something I'm quite excited about! As I haven't been out in a long time myself, but I now work in a bar I am starting to become more up to date on whats in when going out. I noticed one customer using one of these beauties. It's basically an iPhone case and bag rolled into one! They come in fab designs are super space saving and have a convenient wrist strap. These are the selection from Primark that I found, I love them all! If you type in iPhone purse you can find others on the web, but these were a total bargain (I think £4)!

Hope you manage to find some great deals in Primark too!
B. xoxo

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