Photo app review

My favourite iPhone photo apps!
Ever been curious about which apps I use? Well here I will share which are my top apps, what I use them for and what I like about them! I have used the same photo as an example throughout so you can see how the apps can be used. 


This app is perfect for Bokeh effect light spots on photos. I like this app as you can position them where you want and change the colours and also the size and shape. If you are after a free alternative, the best one I found is BokehArt.

Pic Frame

I love this frame app, which lets you put several photos into one collage, you can also use shaped frames and filters, I also love the curved corners and you can save straight to Instagram. Free alternative- Pic Stitch.


Although this has shaped frames like Pic Frame, I like this app for its filters. There are obviously a lot of photo apps very similar to this, but this is one of my favourites. A free alternative for nice filters is Vintage Camera.

Lens Light

I use this mainly for light leaks and sometimes the Bokeh effects as they are instant, which is good if you're in a rush. I also like how you can layer them on each photo.  Free alternative for photo effects is PhotoJus Light FX- Pic Effect for Instagram and a brilliant free app for light leak effects is Osmo Leaker Free.

Line Camera

Line Camera is such a fun app, you can add effects, a border, text and 'stamps' to your photos. The stamps are super cute kawaii images varying from stars to cute characters! There's also items to add for dressing up people in your photo. This is a free app and is highly recommended.

What are your favourite photo apps?
B. xoxo

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