Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

I'm not sure if anyone has ever been to one of these fairs or even heard of them for that matter! They are  my favourite place to go vintage hunting! The ones I have been to are primarily clothes and accessories, but they also do furniture sales, all listed on the website with dates and locations.

I'm not sure where I first heard about these events, but the first one I went to was in Leicester and out of the 3 locations I've been to it has by far been my favourite.

The idea behind it is a vintage fair that is affordable to all, with beautiful refreshments in the form of tea served from pretty china and amazing cupcakes and sometimes even vintage hair and makeup stalls! The event 'travels' around the country throughout the year, with a fair on most weekends. The stalls are usually local vintage shops and traders, although each location has different traders every time.

I have purchased some of my favourite vintage items from these events. When they say affordable they really mean it too, with several rails at the bargain price of £5! I actually saw a pink beautiful 60s blouse on one at this weeks fair. Unfortunately I did not purchase anything as I have no money, but I thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and looking around!

The fair I went to this weekend was Cambridge and I have also been to Bethnal Green. 

Cambridge was the best for beautiful, authentic, wearable pieces from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Bethnal Green had the best refreshments stall and was in the loveliest building. Leicester has the biggest selection of affordable and wearable vintage though in my opinion. 

Anyway, the I'll let the photos do the talking!

Here are some of the rails of clothing.

This weekend Cambridge had a hair and beauty stall, Salon Vintage

Here are some authentic vintage glasses, all new old stock!

Some ladies dressed the part, rummaging through vintage brooches!

The Guildhall is a perfect setting!

Vintage music and movie posters!

Some stalls are new and handmade like this hair accessories stall.

Goldrush vintage taking centre stage as usual 

Vintage refreshments being served.

The following are my favourite finds of the day! Stunning 50s floral dress.

Gorgeous 60s dress and lace coat.

Amazing pink 50s belted dress.

Fabulous 60s neon green tent dress!

40s fitted jacket

Another 40s jacket with china buttons!

After the vintage fair we were going out for a family meal and walking back to the car I spotted this lovely stall on the market with delicious looking baked goods!

There was even a violinist busking! 

I had the most amazing day, I hope you had a lovely weekend too!
B. xoxo

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