Get the Look- Designer Vs. High street

Have you ever seen a designer piece and fallen in love, but then noticed the price tag? Todays post, as a follow up to my fashion series is dedicated to all those moments. I have scoured the net and found the best copies of some fab designer pieces at much more affordable prices. I am not condoning how close some of the copies are, but if you can't afford the real thing there are certainly some good alternatives out there.

First I found this Oasis dress £45 (left), which is a copy of a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress $1600 (right).


Buy the dress by Marc Jacobs here, buy the Oasis dress here.

If you like the Mulberry Alexa bag £1100 (right), Matalan have done a similar version at a fraction of the price for just £12 (left).

Buy the Mulberry Alexa bag here, buy the Matalan bag here.

Valentino have a fab clutch bag that is right on trend with leather and studs- their rockstud clutch £720 (right), but if you can't afford that how about this one by Bella Accessories for a mere £18 (left).

Buy the Valentino rockstud clutch here, buy the Bella Accessories bag here.

If shoes are your weakness, how about a copy of some Jeffrey Campbell's £105 (right), by company Mr Shoes who specialise in copying designer shoes! These are just £29.99 (left).

Buy Mr Shoes here, buy Jeffrey Campbells here.

This dress by Mango is only £49.99 (left) and is really similar to the Stella McCartney dress, which was actually £955, but has now sold out (right).

Buy the Mango dress here, view the Stella McCartney dress here.

These flats by Chinese Laundry cost only $60 (left) and are almost an exact copy of these Jenni Kayne D'Orsay shoes at at pricey $450 (right).
Buy the Chinese laundry shoes here, buy the Jenni Kayne D'Orsay flats here.

Like I said I don't exactly agree with companies copying other designers work, but it happens all the time and at the end of the day you get what you pay for. The designer versions are obviously much better quality and you are getting the real thing. For those of us though that can't afford it, there are always copies around it's just a matter of finding them.

B. xoxo

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