Etsy Loves

Unfortunately due to a lack of money and living in the middle of nowhere and boring I haven't been up to much or taken any interesting photos lately so for now I will share some more things I have been loving recently. (Yes I spend a lot of time online!)
This time is a few things I have found on Etsy, which of course I love (it's where I have my shop!)

First I have been totally crazy over crystal necklaces, here are some really beautiful ones from ScarlettFireJewels

Another thing I totally want is a rose hair crown. Littlehoneypies do this lovely one with a real vintage feel using dusty pink roses.

Something I would love but could never justify is some antlers. Especially the ones from YarnBombed Antlers they are simply divine

I've wanted some of these paper straws for a long time, but never had an occasion worthy of them! One seller that you can buy them from is SweetTeaPaper

Anyway I think I'll end it there before I become tempted to start shopping!
B. xoxo

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