Velcro roller curls

Today I tried a different curling technique to usual. Due to colouring my hair I very rarely use any kind of heated styling tools on it to avoid damage.
So to achieve lovely curls without heat, I have been experimenting with numerous techniques, always with completely different results. I normally pin curl my hair, but today I decided to use velcro rollers. I received the book 'Vintage Hairstyling' for my birthday and I have learnt a lot about both pin curling and other curling methods.
I used velcro rollers and curled with an on base setting. This means curling at a 45 degree angle away from the direction you roll in to give volume at the root.
Here is a photo of me with my rollers in!

This is the results, big bouncy 60s style curls, I love them :)

Just need to style them into an updo now. Best get back to my vintage hairstyling book!
B. xoxo

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