Leopard nail art tutorial

So as I haven't gotten round to updating the blog recently due to a family visit I thought I'd make a nail tutorial!

There's so many nail art designs to choose from I was scrolling through my phone and found an image I'd saved of some WAH nails. So I used that as my inspiration.

First of all pick your colours. You need a base colour and between 1 and 3 spot colours. I use 2 for this design neon yellow and turquoise. I would also advise using a black nail art pen for the detail as it is a lot easier. They are quite cheap and most chemists and beauty supply stores sell them for as little as 99p.

Gather your supplies including base and top coats, here is what I used.

First apply your base coat. I use Seche Clear, it dries really fasts and sets completely clear.

Once that has dried, apply your base colour. I chose to do an accent nail for this design. You don't have to or you can use a different colour if you want. Put 2 coats on to get a really smooth, opaque colour. I used Sally Hansen Ion and Primark neon yellow from a set.

Next put small blobs on in slightly different shapes. If you are using more than one colour not too many and make sure you leave gaps for the other colours.

Then I put more blobs on in the second colour I chose.

Finally I drew some lines around the blobs with the nail art pen. Don't be too neat, they just need to be roughly outlined. I did some squiggles in between as well. Finally don't forget your top coat! I always use Seche Vite as it dries them so fast and I love how shiny it makes them!

Nail art pens were from eBay, buy a similar set here

Let me know if you do some leopard nails! :) 
B. xoxo

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