Pantone colour of the year // Loaf

Pantone have named their colour of the year to be Rose Quartz pink! I'm not going to lie, I am pretty chuffed about that, as that's already my colour of choice for my bedroom to compliment the white and grey tones and generally just one of my favourite colours.

Loaf have hopped on the bandwagon with some absolutely stunning pieces, that would also be perfect for Valentines day which is just around the corner!

Click the links to view each item or here to go to Loaf's main web page. Don't forget there's still a sale on, but it ends soon!
B. xoxo


Rugs // Best sale finds from around the web

Looking for a bright patterned or beautiful and fluffy rug to update your home? Here I have shared some of my favourite sale finds from high street stores.

£50 reduced from £75 
Measures 5x7

£235 reduced from £245
Measures 140x200

£35 reduced from £50
Measures 75x250
£109.99 reduced from £220
Measures 140x200

£133 reduced from £190
Measures 120x170
Have a lovely weekend!
B. xoxo

Beautiful and handmade // 9 free printable calendars for 2016

First of all, Happy New Year to all! I don't know what 2015 held for you all, but I hope 2016 is better than ever :) I didn't do an awful lot of celebrating last night, it was more of a quiet night in (as usual), but that's fine with me. I did a little knitting and watched an old favourite movie so it was a good night in my opinion.

Anyway onto more interesting things, new years resolutions anyone? I think mine would be to try and up my fitness level more than it currently is, keep experimenting with new foods and to get back into blogging. I'm trying to realistic here!

At its best, my blog was getting a new post every day and while that was sometimes unachievable, I liked that I kept it up. I felt very proud of it, although at times, maybe I was posting for the sake of it. Not that I didn't put effort into my posts, just occasionally the topics were a bit off. So my aim for this year is to try and hone my blog into something more special and keep on top of it regularly again.

Enough chat for now though, today I have a lovely little post for you, I have rounded up my favourite printable calendars. They are all free for personal use, what a treat!

Free printable planning calendar when you sign up for the Brand and Blossom waiting list. Link via @brandandblossom #free #handmadebusiness #makersgonnamake #freeprintable

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄 Here is a Christmas prezzy from me to you, a printable 2016 calendar. All you have to do is:
☑️ follow me @withlovemonique on Instagram
☑️tag 3 friends (or more) that you think would also like the calendar
☑️and comment what your email address is 
I'll email you the calendar within 48 hours

A couple of them are just January, but they are so beautiful I had to include them. A few require newsletter sign-up, but I think it is oh-so worth it!

Don't forget to credit the creators if you share any photos and they are for personal use only. So add a ribbon, some glitter or a bow, fasten to a clipboard or a blackboard and enjoy!

Have a great rest of your day!
B. xoxo


TV show review // Better Call Saul

For some reason it's taken me months to watch this and I'm not sure why.
If you aren't familiar with Better Call Saul, it is a spinoff from the brilliant Breaking Bad, featuring some of the main characters. I will do my best to review this without giving away the plot!

So one of the obvious questions with a spinoff is can you watch it without watching the original show that it stems from? With Better Call Saul you certainly can, there is nothing that is left unexplained from Breaking Bad, possibly due to this being a prequel. In my opinion though, it is always better to watch the original show first if you can and when it comes to Breaking Bad I highly recommend it, as it is a 5 star show!

Why did it take me so long to watch Better Call Saul? I guess partly because I hadn't really heard much about it or that anyone I knew had watched it. Also I don't think Saul was a strong character in Breaking Bad, obviously Jesse and Walt are the main characters and Saul features regularly, but you don't know much about him.

It does have 5 stars on Netflix though and I knew I was going to watch it at some point, I just wasn't in a rush to see it. When I did start watching Better Call Saul, it had me so gripped I couldn't stop watching it and I binged watched the whole first series in 3 days. So that should give you a good clue as to whether it is worth watching.

The idea of the show is that it follows the life of Saul, or Jimmy as he is known in this and how his career ended up where it did on Breaking Bad. Another main character from Breaking Bad who features regularly in Better Call Saul is Mike Ehrmantraut, a cop. Again, not someone who I really thought much of in Breaking Bad, but I enjoyed getting to know his character more in this.

I hope I haven't given much away, but still convinced you to watch it!
It is currently on Netflix along with Breaking Bad, so watch both if you haven't already, they are both brilliant TV shows.

I just realised I haven't actually reviewed Breaking Bad itself, but I think there is so much hype I don't really need to. I wanted to talk about this show because I don't think it has received enough praise and thought I should spread the word about its greatness!

My rating for Better Call Saul is 5/5

Have a great day, B. xoxo


Shop is open!

If you haven't yet clicked the link, it is at the top of the page!
I am using a new shop now, I have spent my entire day so far taking pictures, measurements etc and setting it up.
Shipping is FREE over £5, plus I ship worldwide. Pretty great, huh?! Plus I will be adding more items soon :)
Happy shopping!


Me and Poppy // Throwback

I guess this is technically a throwback type post as for some reason this post has been a draft since April! So here it is, this was when Poppy was still 3 and we lived in Norfolk :)

Have a lovely day :) xoxo

Wanderlust // The heart wants what it wants

Like many others, I am an Instagram and Pinterest addict! My favourite images are beautiful interiors, food inspiration and gorgeous travel photos. Hey, a girl can dream!
Here are some of my favourites, images are all from Pinterest.

I don't get to travel much, but maybe one day I will get to visit a few places on my wish list (fingers crossed).
Until then I will explore the world through beautiful photos instead. I mean how lucky are we to have access to such an array of photos and videos at our fingertips. We can view all these places without leaving our own homes!
Where would you like to visit in the world? 
Top of my list are Canada, America and more of Scandinavia. Where exactly? Well there are too many places to list! If I got the opportunity to go to each just once I would be happy though. Although I can't promise I would remember to purchase a return ticket ;)

Have a lovely Sunday xoxo
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