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I do meal plans for every day usually but it often gets to the end of the week and things changed over the week, I fancied something else or one of my ingredients needed using up sooner. Or maybe it's been over a week and I'm stretching out the food shopping to make it last longer, or maybe I have stuff to use up where it came as a large pack than I needed.

Well today was several of those rolled into one. What I had planned to cook included potato so that was off the cards. I had loads of veg to use up, I had no idea what to cook and I'm due to get shopping in. So I decided to use up a load of veg and chuck it all a Thai green curry. Which also means delicious leftovers for the next day or two as well which is always a bonus!

I have taken a photo it looks so green and healthy too, which is just what I need. I felt so blocked to this morning I'm determined to fight off this cold before it even has a chance.

I ordered the Blood type diet book called 'Eat right 4 your type' and the corresponding cookbook. I'm kind of finding it difficult to know best to eat right now so hopefully that will leave me inspired! Well that's a lie what I'm finding difficult is quick stuff and snacks, but I really did need some inspiration. Especially as I keep dreaming of a big Mac and fries ugghh. This is hard.



Tomato free, gluten free, vegan chilli

Yes that's a lot of stuff it's free from, but I am trying to figure out if anything improves my skin so it's kind of a battle which I'm currently losing but I won't give up fighting.

I actually read somewhere that some scientists now think eczema is auto-immune which is what I've been saying all along. I know my body is reacting to something.

Anyway last night I made chilli without tomatoes which wasn't the easiest task. It was a little dry, but all in all the flavour was amazing.
However my hands were so itchy in the night so I think it must be something else in my dinner meal.

According to the blood type diet potatoes are a big no go so I am going to try that next. Again it won't be easy as most gluten free stuff has potato of some type in it. I keep thinking how worth all of this it will be once my skin is healed though and that's what spurs me on. If it's not potatoes I'm going to try corn which I attempted before but it's in literally everything so I gave up in the end it was really stressful.

Pictured is my tomato free chilli. Also gluten free and vegan. I enjoyed some nice grated violife on top and it was delicious! Today I'm having the leftovers in hard tacos :)



Bad eczema, allergies and blood type diet

So my eczema has REALLY flared up this week. I have been using all the same things like creams etc. I have no idea what it is, it is really making me miserable though.

My hands felt dry after I washed my makeup brushes so I put my usual moisturiser on and it made my hands crazy itchy I hate it when that happens. It doesn't always, but occasionally. I think I need to do another bleach bath.

Anyway onto the diet. I'm really struggling still with cutting so much out. I was obviously still drinking milk in my coffee. I put some honey in a cup of tea as well and I accidentally bought something that has honey in it. I'm not going to stress over it, because as much as I try I know I will have more moments like that.

My skin got pretty bad last weekend after I had chips from the chip shop. I can only assume they had been contaminated with gluten from being fried in the same oil as other battered items. So that's my own mistake really. Its just frustrating because I basically can't eat a single takeaway which is a bit depressing.

Anyway over the week it has just got gradually worse, but that is normally how it happens.
I started reading about the blood type diet. Which for mine it basically suggests cutting out meat, eggs, dairy, wheat which I already am. So not too hard. It suggested goat instead of cow's milk though so I'm going to switch to that. Plus there's other foods so again I'm going to add those to what feels like a never ending list of stuff I'm trying not to eat. Tomatoes are definitely one of my suspicious ones so I'm going to cut those out this week too. I think one thing at a time for now, it is hard enough as it is! Coconut is on there which I was worried about but I have that every day no matter what my skin is doing so I really doubt that is a trigger. Tomatoes came up on another allergen list too. Fingers crossed I get a result!

I think that is enough boring information for now anyway. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to report on next time!

Look at my poor pinky, that is the worst bit. Hopefully next week it will look normal again!



Dairy free coffee

So I have been looking for alternatives for milk to go in my coffee. Unfortunately I love a creamy very milky coffee so I'm really finding it hard.

I have tried several milk alternatives, but it just gives the coffee a weird taste or is too watery. Yesterday I tried hemp and found instead of embracing it I just wasn't drinking. By the evening I was so dehydrated!

So I think for now I am going to admit defeat and go back to regular milk until I find one I am happy with. I can't give up my favourite drink and I don't want to make myself dehydrated. I did say it was a journey after all!



Gluten free and vegan

I have allergies and i am fed up with them. I have been on a mission to suss them out for a while and it's been slow progress. I get skin rashes, itchy, dry eczema etc. Mostly on my hands at the moment. I can't wear my wedding rings, I hate drawing any attention to them.
I already know I react to gluten getting an itchy rash on my legs.

I have been keeping a food diary since January to see what might be a trigger. I'm pretty sure cheese is! Which is odd as usually it's dairy not cheese alone. I have cut out dairy before and it made no difference, but now I'm thinking it could be several things. Possibly egg??

Anyway I am going to try cutting out all animal products. I have pretty much switched to vegetarian since my husband has been away anyway. I have been cutting more out slowly while I find alternatives to my favourite foods. Its not always easy and the alternatives are often expensive, but I decided I was finally ready.

I know my husband is going to think I'm being pretentious, but for now my main aim is really to see if I can fix my allergies. Anyway my food shopping came. I am excited! I just have some gluten free bread to finish that has honey in. I'm not about to throw it away as it is expensive and I also hate waste.

Being gluten free and vegan isn't going to be easy so I figured I would document it along the way in case people are interested! So here is the start of my journey :)

I'm excited for my giant peanut butter haha.



Felt flower hoop- Mollie makes issue 80

This flower hoop was a kit that came as a free gift in Mollie Makes issue 80. I used to make the project almost as soon as the magazine landed on my door mat, but these days free time is a lot more sparse. So the kit has been sitting waiting for a while!
I enjoyed making it and now I have to find a new home for it :)

2018 is a fresh start

I haven't blogged in so long. Partly because I haven't had the time, partly because I don't feel like anyone is interested in what I post! Though I never really expected anyone to read my blog I mostly just enjoyed creating it so I am going to push myself to get back into it. I have always enjoyed writing and reading and creating.

I can never pigeon hole myself though in any way, my tastes and interests are so varied and clashing, where other blogs and social media accounts have such a clear style and topics and I can never stick to one thing so it all ends up a bit higgledy-piggledy. I do feel there must be a way to marry it all together though in a tasteful way.

So that is what I am aiming for, this is going to be a bit of a journey to find a way to achieve that. I am going to identify my main strengths and find a way to make everything I like compliment each other. Maybe that is not a weakness like I have always viewed, but in reality it is what makes me different and can be what makes me succeed.

How will I know I've succeeded? I guess when I look through my posts and they all look like they're from the same person! I don't want to set a time limit because I don't know if I will have time to stick to it. So I guess it's just a new goal.

So hello blogging in 2018!

For now I'm going to continue to post about what interests me and start there and hopefully I can get to a place of more consistency if nothing else :)


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